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For many of us, our first real introduction to color was our box of crayons. If we were lucky enough to have the box of 64, then we also had favorites with unusual names. So it was with me.
My dad was an artist—not one who sold his work in a gallery or a street corner, but one who shared it with his family. I like to think I was born with one or two of his special genes. He was the one who taught me to "see the light…and then see beyond". As I grew, I found myself coloring outside the lines more and more. My tinkering has taken me through many elements, but I've always returned to my real love—fabric.
I've written over 20 articles that have been published in Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, showcasing wearables, home dec items, and jewelry. Three of my items were featured on the cover. With my design partner, Judy Fenton, I have created a line of jacket patterns, the As You Wish jacket, appeared on the PBS program Sewing with Nancy, and written a book for that series. I've also co-authored a book with Eileen Roche, Posh Perennials In-the-Hoop Pincusions.
Inspiration comes from you—what I see you wear, the colors you choose, the shape of your lips as you laugh or frown. I try to give you things that have multiple uses--that way YOU  can decide what it might be and you have a part in  the design process. When you wear my jewelry or accessory, you'll feel good in it because….well, it's YOU. I might add the fabric and embellishments, but you add the most important part …the confidence to make it work.
Any material is fair game with me. Frequently, it begins with fabulous fabric, but it usually ends with beads, crystals, feathers, embroidery, punched silk, fancy fibers, lace, studs, or such. Most likely, the piece will be on the larger side—I believe that if you're going to wear a piece of jewelry, let others notice it from three seats over. Bigger pieces are usually conversation starters….and I've talked with such lovely people who first commented on something I'm wearing. You will, too. 

Katherine / Kate*
* "Sometimes I'm wearing a fancy hat, sometimes I'm wearing jeans!"

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